Neopets Metaverse Litepaper

Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas

Our most appetizing and scrumptious-looking to just downright weird pizza NFTs!
Whether you’re looking for something scrumptious-looking or want to add a little weird to your wallet, our pizza NFTs are delicious, even if they have jelly beans and imitation crab on them!
Neopets Metaverse presents Pizzaroo’s Unique Pizzas, a collection of 5,000 unique Neopets-inspired pizzas that were launched on Solana, ranging from the most appetizing and scrumptious-looking to just downright weird!
The collection was launched on 22 May 2022 at 14:00 UTC, on Fractal, the first game-focused NFT marketplace.
Examples of Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas NFTs
This collection was available as a FREE mint for NFT holders of popular blockchain projects and Fractal NFTs. Holders of one of these unique pizzas will so far be able to enjoy:
  • Access to Neopets Metaverse private alpha testing.
  • A verifiable role on Discord with its exclusive channel, Pizzaroo’s Customers.
  • A special limited edition in-game item within the Neopets Metaverse.
  • Some pizzas will come with token airdrops.
All Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas NFTs have already been minted. You can buy our scrumptiously appetizing and weird pizzas in the official exchanges below.

Official Exchanges are:

Magic Eden
Magic Eden
Magic Eden - Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas
Fractal | Neopets Metaverse
Fractal - Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas
Pizzaroo’s Unique Pizzas
Solanart - Pizzaroo's Unique Pizzas