Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC)

Our lovable Genesis NFTs!
In November 2021, the Neopets Metaverse began as a collection of 4,225 uniquely generated, cute, and loveable Neopets NFTs that were minted on the Solana blockchain. This initial mint is called the Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC). Each of these NFTs is equally unique and programmatically generated from over 7 different trait categories, including species (breed), gender, emotion, skin, background, headgear, and bodywear.
Examples of Neopets Metaverse Collection NFTs
Genesis Neopians, holders of our first collection of NFTs, otherwise known as the Neopets Metaverse Collection, can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Access to the allowlist of our token offering
  • Access to the allowlists of future NFTs, which will consist of wearables for Neopets, decorations for Neohomes, Land NFTs, and more!
  • Airdrops of tokens and/or NFTs that could be used as in-game items during the game’s development.
  • Exclusive in-game utility for NMC NFTs. This includes using them as a displayable, in-game avatar that will be exhibited in gameplay (battle, mini-games, etc.).
  • A displayable badge of honor for being an early supporter.
  • Early access to available game modes before public releases.
Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC) NFTs have already been minted. You can buy our lovable Neopets in the official exchanges below.

Official exchanges are:

Magic Eden
Magic Eden - Neopets Metaverse Collection
Solanart - Discover, collect and trade NFTs
Solanart - Neopets Metaverse Collection
Fractal | Neopets Metaverse
Fractal - Neopets Metaverse Collection
Neopets Metaverse | Solsea
SolSea - Neopets Metaverse Collection

Rarity of NFTs

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