How to obtain NFTs?

The charm of Neopets has always been its accessibility for those seeking a casual gameplay experience without any monetary investment. Keeping true to that intention, the Neopets Metaverse offers a variety of purchasable and free ways for players to stay competitive:

You can obtain NFTs through the following activities:

  • Gather resources in the game and craft your own NFTs (i.e., accessories, furniture).
  • Purchasing them from other players within the marketplace.
  • Purchasing directly from the marketplace with $NPM.
  • Staking $NPM tokens to be eligible for NFT drops.

How are NFT holders rewarded?

  • Holding more NFTs increases the potential for developing effective battling strategies in the PvP game mode.
  • Performing well in PvP determines eligibility for rewards from the Treasury, i.e., winning tournaments and championships.
  • Valuable NFTs can be traded in the marketplace.

Our existing NFT collections: