Long-Term Vision

As we step into the age of Web3, our vision for the Neopets Metaverse remains uncompromising as we position ourselves to become a leading player in the GameFi and SocialFi virtual pet space. We look to achieve this by reconceiving the original 2D Neopets browser-based concept as a 3D play-and-earn game that will appeal to both Neopets aficionados and newcomers alike; in short, we aim to translate the proven, highly revered IP of Neopets into Web3.
Neopets is best known for its classic browser game Neopets.com, which has inspired childhood and teenage memories for more than 150 million players over the last two decades. Neopians have immersed themselves in a vibrant world that represents more than a game: it’s an inclusive, welcoming online community that serves as a forum for expression and creativity.
In 2021 we decided to introduce this successful gaming IP to the blockchain ecosystem. We know how critical it is to bridge the nostalgia of traditional Neopets with the advent of Web3 so that these precious, generational memories and impressions don’t get lost in translation. The ultimate goal for the Neopets Metaverse is to galvanize new experiences, memories, and enjoyment for all Neopians for decades to come.