Game Engine - Unity

Neopets Metaverse is being built using the Unity engine.

Unity is a game engine with cross-platform support for various formats: web, desktop, browser, mobile, console, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). The versatility of cross-platform support, as well as the quality of 3D rendering, were important aspects our development team considered in choosing to construct the Neopets Metaverse using Unity.
Unity offers custom resources for multi-platform development, a trait that directly supports our vision for Neopets Metaverse to be a ubiquitously accessible game across multiple platforms. This focus on multi-platform integration means that our developers can easily navigate our project roadmap and seamlessly transition Neopets Metaverse from a browser-based game to a desktop app, and eventually to a mobile platform, all without having to redevelop core game systems.
We are also excited about the AR and VR capabilities that Unity enables. There is huge potential for AR/VR growth: AR/VR is one of the fastest-growing niches in the gaming industry, and revenue in this sector is projected to grow by hundreds of millions of dollars over the next 5 years. Unity offers developers an array of tools and support to implement AR/VR technology.
Overall, the Unity Engine is a comprehensive solution for Neopets Metaverse. It offers multi-platform compatibility, a vast network of tools and support, a streamlined development system, and easy-to-access channels for emerging technologies and ideas in the Metaverse space.