Project Timeline
Neopets Metaverse Official Project Timeline
Note: This roadmap is periodically updated.
We are working hard to refine specifics on gameplay and blockchain design. Once details are confirmed, we will release additional information. For now, the team is actively working with our community and advisors by gathering feedback and incorporating it into our existing plans.
We are excited to bring our vision to life, and we invite fellow Neopians and creatives of old and new to join us on this exciting journey!
Our private testnet alpha launch is slated for Q3 2022. Q4 2022 will usher in our alpha 2 launch as well โ€” both public and private alpha launches will be desktop browser-based. 2023 will usher in not only desktop app versions of the Neopets Metaverse, but also our beta launch, complete with mobile versions of the game.

Project Timeline

August 2022
  • Private testnet Alpha launch (For our NFT holders and those of the community on the allowlist).
  • This initial platform will be desktop browser-based.
Rest of Q4 2022
  • Alpha 2 launch (still browser-based).
Q1 2023
  • Beta launch.
  • Release of desktop and mobile app versions of the Neopets Metaverse.
Q2 2023 and beyond
Major updates on a quarterly basis include but are not limited to:
  • Introduction of new features (such as the Land system).
  • Introduction of new Neopets species and items.
  • Introduction of Lands and plots.
  • Introduction of mini-games and other gameplay elements.
  • Mobile versions will be released concurrently with our Beta release.
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