National Neopian Bank

Last updated January 2023.
Flanked by sturdy walls adorned with a shimmering golden glow, the National Neopian Bank represents the economic cornerstone of the Neopets Metaverse.
Though the bank grows busier each year, Neopians are still greeted warmly by the Skeith manager, who strives to bring a personal touch to the transactions of every customer that he meets.
At the National Neopian bank, players can participate in various Decentralized Finance (DeFi) activities, including yielding and staking. At the bank, players can also swap their $NPM to other coins. This feature will be enabled by the community, which will provide a liquidity pool through yield farming.
Make your surplus cash work for you. If you haven't yet taken advantage of the National Neopian's services, be sure to stop by and open an account once the metaverse is open!
Bank Manager Skeith
National Neopian Bank Exterior - Sketches
National Neopian Bank - In-Game