Gameplay Overview

Last updated January 2023.
Within the Neopets Metaverse, users care for virtual pets called Neopets while exploring and interacting with the many lands of Neopia (the world of Neopets).
Spanning from the frigid peak of Terror Mountain to the bustling Marketplace of Neopia Central to the spooky, twisted paths of the Haunted Woods, the world of Neopia offers a nearly unlimited bevy of experiences for Neopians.
Neopia is a planet with themed lands inhabited by Neopets, Petpets, and a host of other NPC creatures. Each land features its own ecosystem, like the treasure-filled, arid dunes of the Lost Desert, the golden beaches and dense jungle of Mystery Island, or the mighty bulwark of Altador, the long hidden city of heroes.
The lands of Neopia have their own unique landmarks, shops, games, and attractions. Neopia follows its own calendar and time zone, which runs concurrent with real-world Pacific Time, and has its own unique celebrations of certain real-world holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. The world of Neopia also has Neopian-specific holidays! Celebrate the liberation of Grundos everywhere during Grundo Independence Day, or send your fellow Neopian that rare Usuki Doll they have on their wishlist during the Day of Giving. If holidays aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered: March 3rd has been Canceled Due to Lack of Interest.
Other than feeding and caring for their Neopets when they grow hungry or ill, there are no required gameplay objectives; Neopets Metaverse is a “sandbox” style game in which Neopians have agency to decide on what elements of the world that they wish to engage with. Whether through single-player PvE quests and mini-games, socializing with friends in the Neohome, crafting and selling through the marketplace, or multiplayer PvP battles, the Neopets Metaverse offers Neopians a diverse array of choices in how they navigate Neopia.
Neopets themselves exist in a wide variety of species and variants. Players can interact with their Neopets using obtainable items such as books, food, and toys, and Neopets can be customized with wearables, clothing, and accessories.
The crux of player interaction and socialization is the Neohome, a customizable home that players can furnish with furniture, decorations, wallpaper, and flooring.
Neopets Metaverse - Neopia Map
Neopia Central Sketches - Buildings Lineup
Neopia Central Sketches - Viewport
Neopia Central - Alpha: Winter Edition
Terror Mountain - Alpha: Winter Edition

Core Game Loop Overview

So you’ve entered the world of Neopia and chosen your favorite Neopet – possibly a fluffball JubJub or a loyal Lupe – but where exactly do you start?
The journey begins with the player and their Neopet in the Neohome. Here, players can care for and engage with their Neopet to help it level up and boost its abilities. Leveling up a Neopet will increase its ability to battle in PvE (player-versus-environment) or PvP (player-versus-player), go on quests, and play mini-games. These activities will either reward resources or tokens.
  • Resources can be used to craft a variety of items, including NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace.
  • Tokens can be used to purchase items on the marketplace. All these activities will culminate in a player’s increased ability to level up their Neopet and deck out their Neohome, thus completing the gameplay loop.
Neopets Metaverse Core Game Loop