Decentralization of Neopets Metaverse

Details to be announced. Last updated October 2022.
Neopia is inherently a land of friendship, inclusivity, and community-driven initiatives. Collective decision-making forms the foundation of what it means to be a resident Neopian. This kind of core communal participation – be it on the Neoboards, in the Neopian times, or even at the Money Tree – is fundamental to what will drive cooperation within Neopets Metaverse.
Our overarching aim for Neopets Metaverse is to gradually evolve into a game that is truly owned by the community that plays and fosters the game's development. Some of the hallmarks of a decentralized game in the context of a Web3 Metaverse space is that it is:
  • Fully transparent and autonomous.
  • Governed by our Neopets Metaverse community members.
  • Flexible in allowing members to make collective decisions through a proposal and voting process.
  • Incentivizing that it encourages decision-making that is healthy for the game.
Neopets Metaverse plans to launch its game in a way that is dedicated to the community. There will be more details on the specifics of the Neopets Metaverse's path to decentralization as the game progresses. Continue to stay tuned!